We were recently lucky enough to get tickets to see Adam and Jamie of the Mythbusters in a Q&A session. Since my son's name is Jamie, we thought it would be fun to dress him up as Mythbuster Jamie. This included white shirt black beret, and fake mustache.
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Real spam - actually funny.

This is an actual spam message I just received (minus the website). I like that it's not a trick, and it's actually funny (in a twisted way). Geez, are these guys learning how to market, not just spew?

I could deal with getting spam like this, as long as it wasn't more than 3 or so per day.

Hello my friend!

I am ready to kill myself and eat my dog, if medicine prices here (website) are bad.

Look, the site and call me 1-800 if its wrong..

My dog and I are still alive :)

Still alive

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Things have been in flux like it was the end of the world. But, just like in the movies, it's all working out in the end.

So... did I miss anything?

Electronic voting

One of the questions I'm hearing asked is, "If Diebold can make good ATMs, what's keeping them from making good voting machines?"

Seems the solution is obvious... add a "vote" function to every ATM. "Early voting" was available to me where I live, so, to avoid long lines, make it possible to vote via ATM for that entire time. I know few people who don't hit an ATM at least once a month.

Banks and credit unions are already seriously regulated and we trust them with our money...

Election grumble


Electronic voting machines. Nice touch with the printers in my precinct: closed container, "please verify" mode, etc. However, two of the 5 voting machines where I voted were offline because they were "low on paper". Quite a line was starting to form.

Waiting for my turn, all I could think of was "dimpled chads".

As for the results... we're willing to strap GPS transceivers onto people, but not willing to tax oil and cigarettes? What the hell is WRONG with CA?!?!

Good dentist

EDIT: If you don't have dental insurance, and it's been a while, they'll do a free checkup for you. /EDIT

So on Friday my crown decided to fall out. That day, I'd received a direct mailing from a local dentist, so I figured "why not". I left a voicemail Friday night.

This morning, I got a phone call at 9am, offering me a 10am opening.

After a full checkup, I walked away with a crown completely re-cemented and good "for the next few decades".

The guy's good. If you need a dentist, go see him.

EDIT: First time is free, so no cost to me for today, even with re-cementing the crown. :-) /EDIT

School fundraiser time

Anyone want to support Boyo's school by buying stuff? Wrapping paper, magazine subscriptions, and other random... things. It's all there. There's a spiffy website and everything.

Granted, the website isn't spiffy enough that it's easy for you to enter in Boyo's information. Instead, may I recommend you leave a comment here (screened) with an email address, and you'll get a personalized link.

If you want to do it the braun way, surf to QSP, click on "Shop Now", and enter in the school# 710327733. His student number is MAC1, but I can't figure out where to enter it. Trust me, it's much easier - for you and me both - if I just have the system send you an email with your own link.

And thanks. :-)

Job search update

Had 2nd round of interviews at my #1 choice. This job would officially take me a step farther in the direction I think I want to go.

Had 1st round of interviews at another company. Totally different direction - a step closer to writing code professionally. It's an interesting choice.

Submitted a resume to another company whose senior management I used to work for, and who competes directly with the company I just left. Same position I just had. Neutral choice for career growth.